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Handmade jewelry, designed and made in Bulgaria. Necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles, cuffs, and rings – discover hidden treasures and upcoming designers at BG Crafts Gallery. Our wide collection of gold, sterling silver, precious gemstones and costume jewelry offers an opportunity to find the perfect piece, regardless of your budget and taste.

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Necklaces & Pendants

We offer a huge selection of handmade necklaces and pendants for you to choose from! All of these beautiful handmade necklaces and pendants are made in Bulgaria, by Bulgarian-based jewelry designers. Filter by material or price to find the perfect necklace for you or your loved ones!


Brooches make beautiful gifts; we have a unique range of handmade brooches and you're sure to find one to suit every taste and budget.

Bracelets & Bangles

Great gift ideas! Beautiful handmade bracelets and bangles made by jewelry designers based in Bulgaria. Find a unique bracelet or bangle in this collection – the perfect way to accessorize any new outfit, and a great way to update your look!


Cuffs are very on-trend! Fortunately, BG Crafts Gallery has a huge selection of Bulgaria's best jewelry designer-makers, offering stunning cuffs for sale. Sterling silver cuffs, leather cuffs, aluminum cuffs, copper cuffs, customizable cuffs and many more! Enjoy browsing the collection to find the perfect handmade cuff for you.


Earrings have the power to completely transform your look! Shop our range of beautiful handmade earrings made in Bulgaria by artisan jewelers. We have earrings to suit every taste, occasion, and budget, ranging from fun earrings for a night out, to stunning sterling silver studs with precious stones that you could wear on a special occasion, such as your wedding day!


Are you ready to explore our selection of handmade rings? We have a variety of rings for you to choose from, with rings to suit all tastes and budgets. From sterling silver rings with gemstones, to wire-wrapped or contemporary resin rings, we invite you to find a hidden gem to suit you in our treasure trove of handmade rings. Many of our artists are happy to engrave the rings for you, making them an extra special gift (just ask!)

Men's Jewelry

Discover handmade jewelry for men, crafted by independent designers and makers in Bulgaria. Find personalized cufflinks, bracelets, tie pins, necklaces, and pendants, as well as men's engagement and wedding rings – all made by talented jewelers.


Bejewel your feet with beautiful anklets, perfect for warm summer days and nights and capturing that holiday vibe. Ankle bracelets are also very popular with brides, as they make a lovely addition to your wedding jewellery. See our selection of ankle bracelets, all handmade by independent jewelery designers in Bulgaria.

Spiritual Jewelry

Discover beautiful spiritual jewelry, handmade in Bulgaria, designed to reflect your faith and beliefs, as well as yoga jewelry and symbolic hand-crafted pieces imbued with meaning and tradition.