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Wood Carving & Sculpture Introduction

We proudly showcase works of art carved out of wood, which are highly sought after. It is always a welcome challenge to explore the design possibilities presented by the creation of a custom work of art by our Bulgarian artists, be it a small commemorative carving or a large structural sculpture. A commissioned piece may be purely decorative or perform a practical purpose – its shape, size and function can be guided by the imagination.

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The aim is for a work of art to suit the individual for whom it has been commissioned and the environment in which it is to be situated, whether the emphasis has been placed upon the complexity of detail, naturalistic authenticity, or simplicity.

The materials used for the carvings of our artists are sourced from sustainably managed and certified woodlands through reputable suppliers, ensuring the conservation of woodlands and their wildlife.

Wood Carving Design

Certain types of design are often suited to different kinds of wood. The material for each design is best selected on its own particular merit, be it color, texture or density. Generally, the finer the carving, the closer-grained the wood should be. In practical terms, however, a degree of variance exists in the density of all types of wood and so, providing that the correct pieces can be found, there is a great deal of scope for artistic expression.

Where different materials are to be combined, their individual characteristics are accounted for as much as possible to ensure the piece's stability and visual impact. At the outset, you may have a rough idea of what you would like to have carved. If you have a detailed template on which the carving is to be based, its crafting can be undertaken without delay. More usually though, we can help you to arrive at a design by means of researching our beautiful collection.

Carving & Sculpting

Carving work is carried out in the workshop using traditional specialist hand tools, although it is sometimes necessary to use modern machinery during the initial preparation. Once the fine carving work is underway, however, there is little place for anything other than traditional carving tools (many of which are treasured antiques in their own right) together with a great deal of patience. The final result is a beautiful handmade wood-carved piece of art.

With the wood prepared and the template marked to best allow the grain to accommodate and complement the design, it is ready for carving. The first stage is that of "roughing out", where the design outline is established.

Next comes the "finishing down". This usually represents the bulk of the work on any project our artists undertake. It is the stage where the carver's judgment as to the size and shape of each element of the design's finer details comes into play. As the excess wood is cut away, that which remains has to be approached in a particular manner, and with an understanding of, and feeling for, how it will respond to the action of the tool applied to it. Gradually, the design ceases to be a series of lines on the surface and starts to take on a unique life of its own – emerging from the heart of the wood.