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Sculptures for sale in the US

BG Crafts Gallery is the only online art gallery in the US specializing in contemporary Bulgarian sculptures. If you cannot visit in person, examples of sculpture by some of Bulgaria's best-known artists are available to buy online, from our online gallery. Most pieces illustrated on the website can also be purchased by telephone.

We have one of the largest collections of fine art and sculptures in the US, all available to buy directly from stock online. Our curated online collection of sculptures includes artwork as diverse and individual as our customer's preferences. We believe in the power of artistic expression to spark emotions uniquely, and our collection of one-of-a-kind sculptures reflects this.

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Whether you are looking for a small gift or a large centerpiece, BG Crafts Gallery is surely the perfect place to find it!


Welcome to BG Crafts Gallery – the largest collection of sculptures available in the US. Sourced by top Bulgarian artists and sculptors, we have stunning sculptures in stock and ready to ship for delivery to the US! Our large and diverse collection of sculptures is created in various mediums including porcelain, resin and solid bronze. With such a diverse selection of various techniques, mediums and styles, you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for! Browse our vast collection, today! All of our sculptures are available to buy directly from stock with quick and stress-free delivery.


At BG Crafts Gallery we have a wide selection of solid bronze sculptures to choose from. Our standing solid bronze artwork covers a wide range of genres, including popular animal subjects such as domestic animals and equestrians, as well as other topics such as sports, marine and still life.


Metal wall art is an increasingly popular form of wall sculpture. This style and medium is particularly well suited to contemporary, modern decor and can be used as a feature and a focal point. Our collection of metal wall art is almost exclusively created by talented Bulgarian artists. Upon receipt of your order, each piece of art is carefully wrapped and conveniently delivered to your home.


Miniature bronze sculptures are highly collectable. They present a great value opportunity to own a beautiful work of art and also make wonderful gifts. At BG Crafts Gallery we have a wide range of miniature sculptures, including an excellent selection of miniature animal sculptures. You can shop for miniature sculptures at BG Crafts Gallery by browsing our entire range of miniature bronze sculptures, or by visiting our artist pages.


Find sculptures portraying your favorite wild animals right here, at BG Crafts Gallery. Our wildlife sculpture collection includes one-of-a-kind pieces by some of Bulgaria's best artists, covering a diverse range of wildlife. Each artist has their own distinct style that perfectly captures the essence and glory of their subject. We have entire collections dedicated to bronze deer sculptures, hare sculptures, elephant sculptures and more. For the ornithologist among you, we have a stunning range of solid-bronze bird sculptures. Our wildlife sculptures cover a range of subjects, sizes and prices, so we are confident that you will find a piece which specifically appeals to you.


If you love art, and sculpture in particular, then we know that you will find great enjoyment and inspiration in our range of standing sculptures which cover a broad selection of subjects, tastes and styles.


The clean lines and minimalist decor of the modern interior can sometimes leave a room lacking character, interest and an appropriate focal point. The right wall art can certainly make a big difference and while paintings and prints could be the solution, wall sculptures can create an altogether more eye-catching and dramatic effect.