European Art
For Your Home

Welcome to BG Crafts Gallery – an online art gallery for contemporary fine art and crafts.

European Art
For Your Home

Welcome to BG Crafts Gallery – an online art gallery for contemporary fine art and crafts.

We created this platform to give contemporary artists a well-deserved way into your hearts.

 Our goal is to convert BG Crafts Gallery into a virtual bridge between art, and the eyes capable of appreciating it.

We believe that the material age we live in needs more beauty, and inspiration. We offer authentic works by Bulgarian artists who have a lot to share, with the world.

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Modern sculptures, inspiring paintings, and creative handcrafts are a small part of the art offered by BG Crafts Gallery. For your convenience, the platform allows you to search for artwork by type, and genre. Each of them is presented by modern artists with an interesting vision, and talent worthy of your high appreciation. 

Art news

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A few words from us


BG Crafts Gallery is a mission inspired by people who believe in the wonderful power of art, and the human need for spiritual nourishment.

BG Crafts Gallery is not just a shop. Nor is it an artisan bazaar. We are not traders.

We dedicate ourselves to the mission of preserving the powerful fervor of our artists, by encouraging them, and opening the minds of audiences to their works.

Buy original artwork, and support our community of artists!

Our Artists

Our art gallery was founded by two art enthusiasts, with a vision to create a community of artists all striving for the same goal – to offer unique, original artwork and paintings for sale, at affordable prices. When you buy artwork from our gallery, you are supporting individual professional artists to continue creating, and making the world a more beautiful place. BG Crafts Gallery also offers art collectors an opportunity to commission a personalized piece of art, from their favorite artists.
Learn more BG Crafts Gallery is an online marketplace for original paintings, one-of-a-kind sculptures, hand painted scarves and clothes, as well as many other handmade crafts. This gallery was created to bring joy to people who appreciate fine art, and to provide them an opportunity to discover unique pieces that tell a story.

Rise of the Online Art Gallery

Technology has brought us all closer together and it keeps us connected. From our smart devices, we can view maps, satellite images and even go on virtual reality tours of famous landmarks around the world. Effectively, it feels as though there is no limit to what we can achieve, but it also means that now, more and more aspects of our lives are moving across to the digital world. When you consider that we can now do all of our shopping online and many people work remotely, the world is certainly starting to feel like a smaller place. People no longer have to travel to see things they want to buy. This digitalization has certainly spilled into the art world as well, and this tendency continues to grow. Traditional brick and mortar art galleries are increasingly making the bold move to online galleries. This enables them to showcase unique art pieces to an increasingly wider audience from around the world. Showcasing images and videos of artwork in high definition closely mimics the experience of seeing the pieces in person, with the added convenience of having your new art collection delivered directly to your home. BG Crafts Gallery's mission is to provide access to wonderful and unique artworks from Europe, to a growing community of art connoisseurs and collectors around the world. Our goal is to provide an optimal experience for our clients from the point of browsing high quality images of artworks, to checking out quickly and securely, and finally, to receiving your artwork directly delivered to your home. The process of purchasing high quality fine art online is so easy and convenient. It is no wonder that many people are saying goodbye to navigating crowds and traffic to browse through multiple traditional galleries to find their new favorite piece of art. Purchasing art online provides an added degree of freedom and control, as art lovers no longer need to take into consideration opening hours of traditional galleries. Instead, they can browse and shop at their own convenience, and as per their own schedule. Almost anything can be purchased online these days, and naturally, this also applies to fine art now. While visiting traditional galleries may still remain a favorite pastime for some, the convenience of online shopping overwhelmingly continues to increase the number of art collectors who shop online. Art collectors are demanding a quick and easy purchasing experience, and they can now choose their new favorite artworks from a wide range of choices, by a click of a button. Naturally, art galleries are adapting to these market changes, and enabling buyers to bring new pieces into their home or office via online shopping. Of course, physical art galleries will always have a prominent presence in the art world, but that does not mean that they should refrain from keeping up with the times. In doing so, they can attract more people to view and purchase artwork from the convenience of their home. BG Crafts Gallery is a pioneer in the effort to create opportunities for artists who are looking to sell their work online. Even for established artists, showcasing work in a physical art gallery can prove difficult, particularly when you think about limitations of available space, as well as many other logistics. Offering art in a virtual environment breaks down some of those barriers and opens doors of opportunity to artists who have traditionally only offered their art to local audiences.. They can upload a clear image of their work and showcase it to the world in all its glory . Buyers are now able to get a real feel for how the artwork looks and, in many cases, they have the chance to zoom in and see the intricate details close up. For artists, having this ready-made audience makes selling artwork even more attractive than ever before. The world is changing and opportunities are becoming apparent as technology is driving the world forward. To keep up, art galleries must adapt to current market trends. As more and more people look to buy and sell artwork online, art galleries enable this connection and exchange. Consequently, it is no surprise that online art galleries are becoming increasingly popular with those who have an interest in art.

Online Art Gallery - Affordable Original Art from Europe to the US

We hope you enjoy browsing our online art gallery. Our main objective is to make purchasing affordable art online in the US a simple and smooth process. We provide convenience, so art lovers can shop with confidence! Buy art online with piece of mind, knowing that all artworks are original, even if some are affordably priced under $500, and delivered to your door securely, via DHL Express. We aim to make affordable original art more accessible to art enthusiasts, especially to those who may find it daunting to visit a "traditional gallery" or think that original art is out of their budget. With new artwork uploaded daily, BG Crafts Gallery stocks a wide variety of original artwork making it the number one gallery to buy affordable art in the US under $500.