Diana Dezir

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For Diana Dezir, drawing is magic, flight, love! He sits in front of the canvas and immerses himself in music from silence. The creative process is a love dance. It can be quiet, calm, romantic...or wild, passionate, dynamic. Creating a picture is a mystical and profound experience in which words do not find the power to express what is happening. It is expressive, emotional and charged. He recreated and clothed his inner worldview in a material form, and the result is this - an endlessly moving, colorful palette of colors, emotions and harmony.

Diana is an artist by profession, a creator by heart. He has dozens of exhibitions in the country and abroad. Two of which in the world art capital Paris. Her works are in private collections in different parts of the world. He has completed 5 book cover projects and recently opened a gallery in collaboration with three like-minded people in the heart of Sofia.

Works by Diana Dezir

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