About us

Artistic minds can thrive, and breathe freely, within the safe spaces of art communities which cherish and celebrate them. BG Crafts Gallery is honored to be a breath of fresh air for modern Bulgarian artists.


BG Crafts Gallery

a window to the vast world of Bulgarian creativity

In an ancient but culturally rich country like Bulgaria, art has always been a pillar of local traditions and values. Over the years, customs and styles have been passed down from generation to generation to give birth and nurture to the modern Bulgarian art community. Today, this amazing community needs to be heard, seen and understood. 

BG Crafts Gallery is our mission to showcase a significant part of local, modern creativity. This platform is our tribute to Bulgarian artists. We enthusiastically invite you to share in our celebration of the limitless talent of our artists. They are proud to share their works with art lovers and collectors worldwide.


Are you an artist?

The founders of BG Crafts Gallery are enthusiasts in the field of art, and true connoisseurs of beauty and creative activity. They strongly believe in the potential of modern Bulgarian artists. It is their mission to provide the needed support in order to enable artists to showcase their work to a global audience. If you are an artist and looking for your virtual corner to perform, you are cordially invited to become part of our art community. The world needs to see your masterpieces and we are glad to be a part of your artistic journey!

Let's meet

Latchi Delchev

Latchi Delchev is a co-founder of BG Crafts Gallery. She defines herself as a passionate esthete and admires creative activity that evokes strong emotions. She is proud to support the dedication of the artists and their desire to leave a mark in the world. Latchi believes that art is a unique and irreplaceable way to understanding the complexity of the human soul.

Kremena Milenkova

Kremena Milenkova is a co-founder of BG Crafts Gallery. She is marked for life by the beauty of music, following decades of performing as a professional violinist worldwide. She has always had a special relationship with the world of art. She believes that every artists has a unique potential, which can come to light if provided with the necessary support.